Contact Details for this Web site
# Name Position Phone Mobile Phone Number Fax
1 Burks United Methodist Church 423-842-4219 423-842-0790
2 Rev. Rowland Buck Lead Pastor
3 Rev. Amy Nutt Associate Pastor for Spiritual Formation
4 Dagan W. Beckett Director of Communications and Media Services
5 Bart Daniels Outreach Coordinator
6 Wil Martin Worship Leader
7 Matt Coniglio Student Ministries
8 Jessica Crum Student Ministries
9 Laura Wilson Director of Child Development Center
10 Mary Lee Clark Assistant Director of Connecting Ministries
11 Matt Galas Systems Manager
12 Linda Warren Administrative Assistant
13 Daniel Barber Church Treasurer
14 Brenda Hobbs Church Hostess


Easter Message Series

Easter Invite Campaign