Garden Ministry

Working together as a community to envision a future of sustainability, communal care, and justice could be through the lens of scripture and other sacred texts.

Under normal circumstance Garden Worship would include the gathering of the community for care for the earth and one another.

During this season we are limited in our ability to safely join in communal worship. Instead I, Pastor Rachel, invite you to engage in garden ministry on your own.

Below you will find a link that takes you to SignUpGenius. Through this system you can register for a day that works with your schedule to come and harvest, cultivate, and maintain the garden space. There are suggested times, but you are welcome to come any time during the day.

Sign Up!

Traditionally all of the food grown in the garden is distributed through the front office. Now we take food to doorsteps, individuals pick-up, use, or take to the food bank.

The essential part of garden ministry is the distribution of food. Since the pandemic began the distribution has been a little more tricky. As of right now we have grown and distributed over 400 lbs (it is Sept 5th right now) since May.

If you are harvesting we ask that you take a picture of the harvest and send it to (423) 521-2388. That way we can keep up with the amount of produce grown. If you cannot or will not eat all that you have harvested I invite you to share with your neighbors and friends. If you still cannot use it all, please call the number above and we can arrange a pick up so that it can be distributed.


- How do I know what to do?

-Each day you sign up will have a to do list. If you don't know how to do what is on the list below you will find a link to a video on each item on the list. Videos include: how to lay down paper and pine shavings, harvesting different produce, spraying Neem oil, walking through the garden and more!

What if I don't finish all that is on the list?

Safety is the number one concern! It is still very hot. Do not be afraid to take breaks. Make sure to bring water. Pace yourself.

If you don't finish everything that is okay! Just send a text to (423) 521-2388 or an email to to let me know what you have finished

I harvested too much for me and my friends to eat! What now?

What a blessing!

Give me a call at (423) 521-2388 and let me know that you have left produce in the greenhouse. I will arrange a pick up and distribution.

Can I bring my family?

Of course! Families are always welcome! Your kiddos or grandkiddos can bring bikes and scooters and play while you work. Or better yet work together! We love when the whole community is involved in a growing moment.

*** Burks does have a playground. It is not currently open to the public and is not being sanitized or cleaned. Burks United Methodist Church is not responsible for harm on the playground equipment during garden activities***

I am not as mobile as I use to be... can I still help?

Of course! There are always things to be done. Shelling and freezing peas right now is the biggest need! They are coming in faster than we can shell. If you would like to be on the shelling list let me know at

How much produce has been grown?

In the growing season of 2019 Burks Garden Ministry grew over 900 lbs

In 2020 our running total is around 700 lbs in October.