Adult Sunday School Classes

Here you will find a list of adult Sunday School options and the time each is held.

Looking to get connected with a Sunday School class at Burks?

Contact Pastor Leslie at 423-842-4219 or find her on Sunday mornings. She will be happy to give you more details and help you figure out which class would be a good fit for you!

The Aldersgate Class: 9am, Room 25

Aldersgate is a Bible-based discussion class, that welcomes and accepts differing opinions. This class is very mission-minded.

The Alpha & Omega Class: 11am, Room 32

Alpha & Omega uses book or video series to guide and discuss current topics and discern how Scripture is still relevant.

The Eldredge Class: 11am, Room 23

As mature Christians, the Eldredge class strives to become better stewards of the manifold grace of God.

The Fish Class: 11am, Conference Room

This class has a adults with children that are in youth and children’s ministries at Burks. Class time includes fellowship, devotions, coffee and a light breakfast.

The Friends Class: 11am, Room 30

The Friends class is a group that meets to study Scriptures and discuss meaning for their lives.

The Genesis Class: 11am, Room 34

Genesis is a heavily discussion-based class and welcomes diverse points of view. Studies include thought-provoking material.

The Lost & Found Class: 9am, meets on Zoom

A wonderful mix of people of varying ages. This class changes topics every eight weeks. Scripture is studied along with topics of interest.

The New Beginnings Class: 11am, Room 33

New Beginnings selects topics applicable to contemporary living and applies Biblical solutions for these everyday life situations.

The Pairs & Pairs Class: 9am, Fellowship Hall

Couples and individuals from 45 to 70 years old and up! This class has a rotation of teachers with plenty of opportunity for discussion.