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Burks Youth meets every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. All are welcome!

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Resurrection is a ministry unlike any other. It’s an evangelistic experience for youth, grades 6-12, and their adult mentors. Previous attendees describe their experience as “a spiritual renewal” and “awesome fellowship.” For many young people, Resurrection is a call to revival and witness. For others, it is a moment of realization that their faith needs to grow deeper and more serious. No matter what the final effect, Resurrection never fails to prompt transformative growth in our young people.

Reservations are due by January 13. Click the buttons below to print a registration form, or for more information.

Who is Burks Youth?

"Dear Friends, now we are children of God and what we will be has not yet been made known." - 1 John 3:2a

In Luke 10:29 A Jewish scholar asks Jesus "Who is my neighbor?" This seems like a simple question, but it sparks Jesus to tell one fo teh most well known parables - that of the Good Samaritan. We call our weekly youth worship "Neighbors of Christ" (N.o.C). Because we believe that welcoming the stranger and caring for each other are the most important ways we show our faith.

With help from our adult mentors, Burks Youth explores ideas, values, and scripture in order to grow into the people God wants us to be. We know that questions and doubt are part of a maturing faith, and we welcome respectful discussion about any topic.

Burks Youth Ministry offers something for every teen from Bible study to debates on current events. No matter where you are in your faith journey, YOU ARE WELCOME IN BURKS YOUTH!

Meet Our Leader!

Casandra is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a degree in Classics and Archaeology (Focus on the Early Christian Period in the Middle East).

Casandra enjoys curling up with a good book (sometimes THE Good Book, but other good books too), playing board games with her three children, and beating her husband at Jeopardy.

She also loves exploring God's creation through travel, camping & hiking and can often be found in the Smokies or at the beach on her days off.

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Text: (956) 358-0369

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